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Hello, my name is Green Forest. I am a hard-working and creative freelance web developer. I make user-friendly, simple, and productive websites using my research, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that I’ve developed through my work experience. I’m experienced in HTML, CSS, Adobe, Javascript, JQuery, and PHP. Building responsive websites with Twitter Bootstrap and CSS grid is so much fun, and staying updated on the latest technology trends is crucial for me to remain current. I respect and care about the expectations, needs, and wants of my clients and users, so I do my best to fulfill their satisfaction.


Based on the given topic and guidelines, I made this website using basic HTML and CSS skills.It was not easy, because I didn’t choose the content and topic by myself. I didn’t know how challenging it would be, until I tried to deliver what the designer wanted. I also incorporated some YouTube videos for this project.

This was a discography project about the Swedish pop group, Ace of Base. The main theme was balance i.e. the band’s harmonized songs, so green was used as the main color. I tried to see the website from the user’s perspective in order to create a user-friendly website. For this project, I used HTML5 and CSS.

This website was created for the Korean course at the University of Central Oklahoma to introduce some popular Korean foods to students. CSS animation and transition effects were used for most images, and some videos were incorporated. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery were used to build the website.